Sunday, August 30, 2009

There is something new in the air

“God gave me relatives..thank God, I also have friends!”

How many of us feel good about this statement? Most of us do! We may be close to our kith and kin but to all of us, it is a different feel to be with a good friend. Now, this could be your boy friend, girl friend or ‘just’ a dear friend! The solace and comfort one gets from a friend is probably unparalleled.

How many times have you consulted your friends in times of need? How many of you have confided with your friends on important decisions? How many times have you taken an opinion of your friend? How much do you owe your friend (sans money!)? And how many friends do you have! Many? Good. Few? Good! :) The point here is of just one – One good friend or as you may want to put it – the best friend!

We earlier spoke of friends sans money. Now let’s get the money piece in. How many of you have consulted your best friend on financial decisions? Or atleast informed them about it. How many have had a word of good from your best friend's experience in similar situations? Many.. heard that!

Why do we feel comfortable about it? Most times it comes with neutrality. We know our best friend is neutral to the situation, hence can give an honest opinion. We believe in the best friend. We feel it is an easy experience with the best friend than anyone else. Yes. These are the root causes of our solace and comfort. Belief and easy experience.

Imagine your best friend kicking off your worries and giving you the best advice in terms of money! Imagine if your best friend helps you in organizing your money and getting the best out of it! Think of it if your best friend helps you with the money you need with the loan-deal you want! Imagine your best friend getting you through with most of your money hassles.. all as an easy experience!

If experiences with money come with belief and ease enabled by your best friend, what more can life ask for! Just enjoy the experience and live life easy!

There is something new in the air… A pleasant breeze is on the forecast! Do stay tuned!